Information for Parents:

When your child reaches a certain level of proficiency in their instrument,it becomes necessary to begin theory studies. For students following a Conservatory curriculum your child will not receive their certificate for the instrument until the theory examinations are complete. It can be very difficult to find time in your child's music lesson to include theory. As the student becomes more advanced, history and harmony can take a great deal of private lesson time and many instrumental teachers don’t teach harmony history, so often you need to find a second teacher for theory. Add to that time restraints on many students and parents have can make it very difficult to find that extra scheduled time for another lesson.

                                Theory Online For Parents

We're here to help you! We provide the student access to their theory lessons at their
convenience. This makes it easier to fit your lesson around other activities that come up throughout the days, weeks, and months. Some theory concepts can be more difficult to understand than others which is why our modules  can be watched once, twice, or as many times as it takes to understand the concept. Each module teaches only one concept, so we can ensure understanding before moving on to the next concept. Not only do we provide the lessons, we also provide ongoing support and encouragement to the student.  Students will have theory assignments which can be e-mailed to their  teacher. These are marked and returned to the students. If the homework demonstrates a lack of understanding, our teachers are here to work with the student individually.

Another feature we offer is “Theory Club”. Our theory club meets online and provides an opportunity for students to ask questions directly to their teacher.

We are here to provide the more traditional teacher-student lesson with the additional support and convenience offered electronically through the Internet. This unique combination provides the absolutely best learning environment available.