This course covers the material required for Conservatory Canada Theory 7(B) and for Royal Conservatory of Music Analysis examinations.  This course is a co-requisite for the ARCT (RCM) or Associate (CC) diploma.

Form and Analysis:

  1. be familiar with: Binary, Rounded Binary, Ternary, Rondo, Theme and Variations, Sonata Form as found in the piano and chamber sonatas by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert
  2.  be familiar with the formal characteristics and historical development of Bach fugues
  3. Art songs:  strophic, modified strophic, through-composed forms
  4. Be familiar with various scale types
  5. Identify and write tertian harmony, chords with added notes, quartal chords, clusters, polychords
  6. be able to identify pedal, ostanto, parallelism, contrary motion, imitation as textures
  7. be able to manipulate twelve-one type
  8. to be able to complete row tables/ matrices

•    learn to identify key, trace thematic and motivate development, Mark phrases and cadences, identify main key centers, harmonic analysis.

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