Harmony and Counterpoint 3:  Covers the requirements for
      Counterpoint and Advanced Harmony (RCM) and Theory 7(A)

Using video with voice-over our modules cover:

1.    advance use of secondary dominant chords and advanced use of secondary diminished chords
2.    Neapolitan sixth chords and Augmented sixth chords
3.    modulation to any key
4.    harmonize for SATB in chorale style using: modulation to any key, Neapolitan chords, Augmented sixth chords, suspensions, non-– harmonic notes
5.    continue a keyboard accompaniment for a given solo line
6.    extend a given opening to create a two-part contrapuntal composition of up to 20 measures in the style of the Baroque invention OR write a real or total answer to the given subject: then provide a counter subject in invertible counterpoint.

You will have assignments that cover concepts presented in the videos.  Your teacher will be there to help you every step of the way.

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