Music History: Romantic to Today:

This course covers the materials for History 6 (Conservatory Canada)

We will provide many opportunities for students to hear the works of the masters to ensure an understanding the the styles and characteristics of the eras presented.

•    Romantic:  general, solo song, piano music, program Symphony, nationalism, Romantic Symphony, solo concerto, choral music, opera, ballet
•    Post– Romantic: Symphonies, Symphonic Poems, Operas, Mahler, R. Strauss.
•    Impressionism:  Impressionist Painters, Symbolist poets, Whole Tone scale, Parallel chords, Harmonic structure, Orchestral color, Small forms, Programmatic, French painters, Debussy, Ravel.
•    The early 20th century: Dadaism, Polyrhythm, Polychords, Polyharmony, Polytonality, Atonality, Serialism, Tone Row, Stravinsky
•    The second Viennese school:  Expressionism, Sprechstimme, Klangfurbenmelodie, Schoenberg, Berg, Webern.
•    European Scene and Nationalism:  Les Six, Neo-Classicism
•    Music in the United States before 1950:  Ives, Crawford, Copland
•    Blues and Early Jazz:  Ragtime, Blues, Scat Singing, Jazz Chorus, Bebop, Fusion, Third Stream Jazz
•    Musical Theater
•    Rock Music

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