Music History: The Early Years:

This course covers the materials required to complete History 5 (Conservatory Canada) and History 1 (Royal Conservatory of Music).  Students will hear examples of music by style and composer and will be expected to answer questions in essay form as part of their assignments.

1.    Medieval:

Sacred, Secular, Ars Nova, Instrumental Music

d'Arrras, de Vaqueiras, Guillaume de Machaut, Josquin des Prez, Palestrina, Gesualdo, Farmer, Leonin, Perotin,

2.    Renaissance: Sacred, Secular, Dance music, Italian madrigal, English madrigal

Dufay, Desprez, Palestrina,  Farmer, Okeghem, Susato, Monteverdi, Weelkes,Wilbye, Morley

 3.    Baroque: Venetian School, general, Opera, Oratorio, Instrumental Music
4.    Classical: General, Chamber Music, The Symphony, The Solo Concerto, The Sonata, Choral
Music, Opera.

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