Feeling the Love, with music and music theory

Music is love.  Without any doubt, our lives are filled with challenges. And when I think of the concept of time and how quickly it passes, I realize how important it is to spend time just being.
If you are a musician you know exactly what I mean there is nothing better than coming back to a piece of music you absolutely love and playing it over and over again.


Falling in love again with that note, key signature or that perfect melody.  Whether it is the corniest tune ever written or the modest phrases of minimalism or that super, energy charged Scriabin atonal scale.  All music is undeniably equal and beautiful.  I play my piano every day.   I play Billy Joel’s Piano Man.  I sing (badly) but it doesn’t matter.  The sheer joy in my heart when I belt out the words more than makes up for my lack of vocal expertise.  And when I can share that time with my grown sons, my mother, my sister, I know that music is love.

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