Learning Music And Beyond

Tim, my husband and I are off on an adventure which

began with learning music.

We are off for some incredible theater at Stratford, Ontario. Stratford is known around the world for its theatrical productions, especially their Shakespearean productions. In addition to Shakespeare they also produce a number of other musicals and plays each season. So why am I writing a blog about  our trip to Stratford? Because it’s learning music and loving the arts is what has fueled this trip and has fueled our enjoyment of life.  It also brings home  how important arts and in my humble opinion learning music is to society and to our children’s emotional and intellectual well-being.  The love of the arts and learning music is not something that happens overnight. The love of the arts and learning music begins through knowledge and exposure from an early age until adulthood.


While as parents we are frequently vigilant about our

child’s academic education, sometimes

it’s easy to neglect the arts and learning music.

Over the last 20 years we have seen our schools go through horrible budget cuts which has unfortunately resulted in many arts classes being either eliminated or reduced. While many school boards are now recognizing the importance of an arts education it is still not accessible in all schools. Guess who has had to become responsible for their children’s arts education? You guessed it, parents. Now parents need to supervise and oversee their child’s school education, they also have the added responsibility of ensuring their children receive enough physical education,  arts exposure, and hopefully learning music.

 What additional benefits are there to learning music?

Did you know that young children that are learning music have greater brain development?

Read more at   http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/02/130212112017.htm

Did you know that there is a strong relationship between learning music and understanding math?

Read more at http://www.vancouversun.com/Entertainment/interesting+connection+between+math+music/1473881/story.html

Did you know that people who have the opportunity to be learning music, play music,  and enjoy listening to music are healthier?

Read more at http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/258383.php

 What can parents do to ensure their children are exposed to the arts and to music learning?

Sometimes it’s as simple as having music playing at home. It can also go further by having your child study an instrument. In many ways there is no greater joy than being able to make music which of course is facilitated by learning music, and all of our children should have that opportunity. By learning an instrument the parent or the teacher is not expecting every child to become a virtuoso performer. What is expected is that while learning music students will become educated and appreciative concertgoers of the future.  As a piano and theory teacher www.musictheoryonline.ca my arts training and love is with music.  Through studying music history we gain a wonderful understanding of art and how music and art imitate each other.  From a love of music  or an understanding of music through learning music  dance becomes so much more exciting, even if you have never had a dance lesson. Many of the great plays with their attention to meter is much more enjoyable with a music or dance background.

I know for parents it’s difficult to decide which extracurricular activities are best for your child. Music, dance, sports, art lessons, academics – the list is endless.  Let me just say that as my husband and I are sitting in our seats at Stratford watching some of the best theater in the world I will be saying a silent thank you to my parents who thought learning music was important to my life.  Thank you mom and dad for enriching my life by learning music.

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