College/ University / Conservatory Theory Preparation

Do you require theory prerequisites to complete a practical (applied) level with a conservatory?  Do you require specific theory courses to complete teachers requirements?  Do you require a certain level of proficiency in theory to apply to university or college?  Do you need additional support to successfully pass your college / university theory courses?  We're here to help you!

We provide the lessons, and the support for students who are preparing for Conservatory examinations (Conservatory Canada or Royal Conservatory of Music) and/ or college preparation Placement Tests. Whether you are preparing for examinations at the beginning or at the senior levels, we have the courses and the support necessary to ensure your success.

We provide you with support in whatever level of theory you require.  We're here to help you every step of the way by providing the best in online learning with "old fashioned teaching methods".  Each module is a video with voice-over and has assignments for you to complete to ensure total understanding.  The assignments are marked and returned to you with helpful comments.  You will also have weekly "Theory Club" where you can ask any questions directly to your teacher.

Do you need a placement test?  No problem! We can help you determine which theory level is best for you and if you are preparing for college or university we can ensure you have the necessary theory prerequisites required.