Intermediate Theory

This Intermediate Rudiments level music theory course covers music theory concepts which is required for Intermediate Rudiments (RCM) and Theory 2 (CC). If you have completed Junior Theory, then this is the music theory course for you.  Not sure?  Contact us and we can evaluate where you are and which music theory course is best for you


16 modules which cover:

1.    Notation: treble, bass, C clefs; double sharps, double flats,
2.    Rhythm: time values of notes and rests including 32nd notes and rests; triplets, quintuplets, septuplets, duplets, quadruplets; adding time signatures, bar lines, notes, rests, in Simple, Compound, and Irregular time signatures
3.    Scales: all major and minor scales; beginning on any degree of the scale; in simple and compound time; identify technical names; whole tone scale  beginning on any note; chromatic scale beginning on any note; identify blues, major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, octatonic scales beginning on any note
4.    Intervals: write or identify all intervals and their inversions above and below a given note; simple and compound intervals; enharmonic equivalents
5.    Triads and Chords: identify or write all primary and secondary for note chords; major, minor, augmented, diminished, dominant seventh chords; all major and minor keys; reposition and inversions; close and open position; keyboard and SATB style; identify using chord symbols and figures
6.    Cadences: identify Perfect, Plagal, Imperfect cadences in root position only; identify by name and chord symbol; in keyboard or SATB style
7.    Transposition: identify the key of the given passage with or without the key signature; in major and minor keys; transpose up or down any interval
8.    Open Score: transcribe piano passage into open score; modern chorale score only
9.    Ornaments: to realize the appoggiatura, acciaccatura, mordent (upper and lower)
10.    Analysis: in piano score; to identify composer, title, key, time signature, musical terms, signs, intervals, triads, cadences
11.    Melody Writing: write a for phrase answer to the given melody

Upon completion of all the modules students have completed all the necessary requirements to successfully write their Theory 3 (Conservatory Canada) or Intermediate Rudiments (RCM) exam.  Intermediate Theory covers more than the requirements for Intermediate Rudiments (Royal Conservatory of Music and Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program). Please note that there are terms and signs that must be learned if you're going to write a theory exam.

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