< Junior Theory - Covers the requirements for Intermediate Rudiments (RCM) and Theory 2 (CC)



This  music theory course covers  music theory concepts which is required for Intermediate Rudiments (RCM) and Theory 2 (CC). If you have completed Beginning Theory, then this is the music theory course for you.  Not sure?  Contact us and we can evaluate where you are and which course is best for you

14 Theory / Intermediate Rudiments modules which include:


Note names in the Treble G Clef and the Bass F Clef; names of notes up to three ledger lines above or below the staff; all accidentals (sharp, flat, natural, double sharp, double flat); whole steps (tones), chromatic and diatonic half steps (semitones); enharmonic equivalents


Time values of notes and rests from whole to 32nd; triplet quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes; dotted half, quarter, eighth notes; triplet eighth and sixteenth notes; adding time signatures, bar lines, notes, rests in simple and compound time; proper grouping of rests and notes


Write and identify major, minor (natural, harmonic, and melodic) scales; identify all technical names for all degrees of the scale; mark half steps with a slur


Identify or write major, minor, perfect, augmented, diminished, intervals above a given note; harmonic and melodic intervals


Identify and write all major and minor four note chords; tonic, dominant, subdominant triads; major and minor keys; root position and inversion; open and close position


Perfect and Plagal Cadences in root position; in keyboard style


Identification of the key of the given major melody with or without the key signature; transpose up and down any interval


Identify things like the composer, title, key, time signature, musical terms, signs, intervals, triads, cadences

Melody Writing

Complete a given two measure melody; the phrase must end on the tonic; the melody is limited to eight notes

Intermediate Rudiments or Theory 2 is required for a students Grade 6 practical certificate.    Not sure if this is the right music theory course for you?  Contact us and we will help you with a placement evaluation.

Upon completion of all the modules students have completed all the necessary requirements to successfully write their Theory 2 (Conservatory Canada) exam.  Junior Theory covers more than the requirements for Intermediate Rudiments (Royal Conservatory of Music and Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program).

There is a module for Theory 2 and Intermediate Rudiments for terms and signs.

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