Music Theory Online  presents theory in a well organized, multi-faceted format  to students.  We provide a much-needed service to teachers, parents, and ultimately to students who require basic to advance theory.

All of our theory modules are well researched and presented in an easy to understand format. We have many features that make us unique.

These include:

  • •   Theory modules that  range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the concept, with  only one concept being covered per module.
    •   Each module uses powerpoint with a voice-over
    •   Because these modules are available online the student is able to watch each module once, twice, or as many times as required to ensure complete understanding of the concept.
    •   We mark the students assignments and evaluate the students progress with each module.
    •   Students are encouraged to attend an online weekly question and answer session. We call these online sessions “Theory Club”.

Music theory online provides the best of both worlds. We combine the traditional theory lesson with the 21st century style of learning. We monitor, support, and encourage our students with each and every module.

Our teachers are certified professional educators  that have demonstrated an aptitude for teaching theory.