Music theory, offers a large number of courses to students including rudiments, harmony, counterpoint, analysis and history. Our courses range from the basic theory level to advanced harmony and history.

Our goal is to provide a high level of support for all levels. If you require a theory prerequisite for an applied instrument, you will find our programs will prepare you for all necessary examinations. If you require theory proficiency for college or university this is the program for you.

"Congratulations to Nuha and Sharini who received First Class Honors and Honors with Distinction in their theory examinations."

Our programs:

Beginning Theory: This course covers the requirements for Theory 1 (Conservatory Canada) and Basic Rudiments (RCM)

Junior Theory: Covers the requirements for Intermediate Rudiments (RCM) and Theory 2 (CC)

Intermediate Theory: Covers the requirements for Advanced Rudiments (RCM) and Theory 3 (CC)

Senior Theory: Covers the requirements for Theory 4 (CC) and Introductory Harmony (RCM)

Harmony 1: Covers the requirements for Theory 5 (CC) and Basic Harmony (RCM)

Harmony 2: Covers the requirements for Intermediate Harmony (RCM) and Theory 6 (CC)

Harmony and Counterpoint 3: Covers the requirements for Counterpoint and Advanced Harmony (RCM) and Theory 7(A) (CC)

Form and Analysis: Covers the requirements for Analysis (RCM) and Theory 7(B) (CC)

Music History: An overview. Covers the requirements for RCM History 1

Music History The Early Years: The Early Years: Covers the requirements for History 5 (CC) and History 2 (RCM)

Music History: Romantic to Today:Covers the requirements for History 6 (CC) and History 3 (RCM)

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          All levels include online support in the form of marked assignments, weekly "Theory Club" sessions, as well as one-on-one help as needed. 

**Upon completion of each level, the student will receive a certificate.