Music Theory Online provides online support every step of the way.  When you purchase any of our theory courses you are purchasing a complete package that includes online support, marked papers, and access to a theory teacher at your convenience.   We’re here to help you every step of the way.  That’s what makes us unique.

Our theory courses contain anywhere from 8 to 15 hours of instruction for the low price of $299.00.  These instruction modules are concept rather than time based, which means that some modules will be shorter if there is a fairly simple concept, while the more complicated concepts will have longer modules.  Some of the more advanced levels will have less instruction modules however the assignments will be more complex and will take extra time to mark, and students will need to receive extra time with their teacher.  If you were to take your theory course from a private teacher you would easily spend as much as double this amount for your theory lessons, and not have the ability to review  the “concepts”  as many times as you need, or be able to ask questions at your convenience between your theory lessons.

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Not convinced this is the course for you?  You can "Try It" ( just click on the bottom boxes on our Contact page that say "try it") and take advantage of Theory Club, marked assignments, and up to 3 modules (at your level) for up to a month before purchasing your course.

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          All levels include online support in the form of marked assignments, weekly "Theory Club" sessions, as well as one-on-one help as needed.

Don't need the entire package?  The Basic Program is just for you - you can access the modules and purchase any additional support you need as you go along.