Senior Theory

This Senior Theory  online music theory course covers  theory concepts which is required for Advanced  Rudiments and Theory 4.   If you have completed Intermediate Theory / Theory 3 , then this is the music theory course for you.  Not sure?  Contact us and we can evaluate where you are and which course is best for you.

Senior Theory:  Online Music Theory

1.    Scales: to write and identify Whole Tone Scale, Chromatic Scale (harmonic and melodic) beginning on any note, Pentatonic Scale on C or F# only, Blues Scale beginning on C or F; Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, and Aeolian modes beginning on any note
2.    Unessential Tones: passing notes, neighbor notes, appoggiatura, anticipation notes
3.    Rhythm: time signatures for hybrid meters
4.    Intervals: write or identify all intervals and inversions, harmonic and melodic, simple, compound, enharmonic equivalents.
5.    Chords and Chord Progressions: to harmonize a simple four chord progression in major and minor keys, identify chords and symbols and figures; SATB style;  to write and identify all triads, dominant sevenths, diminished sevenths, root position and inversions
6.    Cadences: to identify and write Perfect, Plagal, Imperfect, in major and minor keys
7.    Figured Base: realize of figured base in major and minor keys
8.    Transposition: major and minor keys; up and down any octave; transpose to concert pitch in B-flat (clarinet, trumpet), in F (horn), D (trumpet),
9.    Scores: transcribe a given passage into Modern Vocal Score, String Quartet Score, Short Score
10.    Melody Writing: write a for bar answer to a given for part melody, the range of the melody may exceed one octave, identify by name and chord symbols the implied cadences
11.    Harmonic Analysis: identify key, chord symbols and figures, non-harmonic notes, cadences etc.

This intermediate music theory course is just what you need to understand the music you are playing.  Advanced Rudiments or Theory 4 is required for a students Grade 8 practical certificate.    Not sure if this is the right music theory course for you?  Contact us and we will help you with a placement evaluation.

Upon completion of all the modules of this online music theory course students will have completed all the necessary requirements to successfully write their Theory 4 (Conservatory Canada) or Advanced Rudiments (RCM) exam.  Senior Theory covers more than the requirements for Intermediate Rudiments (Royal Conservatory of Music and Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program).

Please note that there is also a  music theory module for terms and signs. These online music theory modules are specific for Theory 4(Conservatory Canada) or  Advanced Rudiments (RCM)

Also available is examination preparation modules with marked sample examinations specific to Theory 4 or Advanced Rudiments.

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