We are here to help our students every step of the way.  We offer so much support to ensure all theory concepts are understood by every student.  We do this through:

  • -  marking of assignments within 24 hours

-  providing additional help through email or through our web room if any student needs more instruction

-  hosting our weekly "Theory Club", where students log in to a special web room and take part in a question and answer seminar.

We provide a learning forum "using the latest in technology teaching the old fashioned way".  You need a teacher to be there when you have a question or need some guidance.  Our qualified teachers are there for you - by phone, by email, by webinar.  Whichever means of communication works for you.

Do you need some help to determine which theory level is right for you?  No problem!  We can evaluate where your theory knowledge is and help you choose the course that is right for you

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