As an adult learner working full time and having a family, taking theory courses online at my own pace was the only workable option for me.  With having up to two years being able to complete a course, I was able to work on my theory courses whenever I could squeeze in some time, without sacrificing time with other important parts of life like family time.  Roxanne was very prompt with returning assignments and feedback, and is truly there to help her students achieve their goals.  I am very thankful for her support and the flexibility of the courses.
Angus MacLean

This was the perfect program for me to do music theory! Living an hour away from the nearest city, and already doing a lot of driving for music, made the idea of doing intermediate harmony this past year almost impossible. I had no time to go to regular weekly lessons one on one or otherwise.
When we found this course I was still apprehensive about making it work, but decided to give it a shot. I am so glad I did! The lessons were set up very efficiently, and never once did I feel like I was missing out on something, or didn't get something explained well enough. Roxanne definitely knows what she is doing, and was great and understanding when it came to working around my schedule. when I learned basic harmony before even knowing this course existed, I can honestly say I despised it. Now that I am finished with intermediate harmony, there are actually parts of it I can say I enjoyed. That's definitely a testament to how well these lessons worked for me.

From Edward Z. 
As Edwards MomI wanted to thank you Roxanne, It Looks like Edward pulled out this one very well, all the hard works from him and his teacher have been paid off. Roxanne loaded him with mock tests and extra assignments since late June, also scheduled extra sessions from a week before the test. The extra assignments and individual sessions were based on the results of Edward's mock tests, and they worked extremely effective.  The online theory course was the best investment we have made! Edward enjoyed theory club most ..

From JJ Ling:
Anyways, thank-you for everything you've taught me through your modules. I can tell that you worked hard on each one of them and I learned so much from them. I can honestly say that Music History has completely changed how I look at my piano pieces now.
I will definitely recommend this website and program to any people I know that are doing or planning on doing Music theory.

I love this format for theory learning!! It works really really well for me.

The modules are great.
It's the flexible time frame that's especially awesome for me. I am so very grateful that it is available! I had been looking for some time so you are a precious gift! :)
Aimee Rau
aimeerau at

“I had completed all of the requirements for the A.R.C.T. performers diploma two years ago except for that last harmony course. I am happy to say that I successfully passed the course in August 2013 with the help and guidance of Roxanne at Music Theory Online.  We didn't have a whole lot of time to go through the material, and because it had been a while since I had written a harmony exam we had quite a bit of review to do. Without all of the marked assignments, one-on-one online time, modules, and support through Music Theory Online I could never have completed this course. Thank you Music Theory Online and Roxanne for achieving my goal and graduating from RCM.”

Bertie Z.

My  two daughters studied their theory online last summer with Roxanne. The truth is that at first I hesitated but we gave it a chance. My girls were focused on their theory every second because Roxanne was on other side making sure that they were following and understanding the lesson. Roxanne was marking so many exercises in between lessons making sure that they understood what they were doing during the lesson. The most important aspect was that  girls liked their theory lessons a lot. The best thing was that they logged on themselves and we did not have to rush around and drive for a lesson. Their exam was more than successful and we are now doing theory online only. It is going great so far and the girls absolutely love it!

Happy Mama Luba